Trying to Understand Media Motivations

I will now try to show the similarities between two ongoing news topics, the Planned Parenthood videos and the County Clerk Kim Davis story, and the differences in their coverage. All that follows is how I imagine the major media outlets and loyal talking point parroters  are approaching both topics as well as their reasoning. There will be snark. Oh yes, there will be snark. Perhaps it’s needed.


Planned Parenthood: It seems like it would be bad form to report on videos where undercover persons tried to get members of a potentially questionable organization to admit to things in private that they would never say in public, but actually believe. That seems like bad reporting, and we’re not comfortable with that sort of thing. Read More

Moral Tests

This is a letter to Bishop Jackson and a group by the name of Ministers Taking a Stand, written by the director of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, Kim Sajet, regarding their request that a bust of Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, be removed from the Struggle for Justice gallery because of Sanger’s involvement in the eugenics movement and her racist motivations for that involvement.

The letter is not long, but allow me to quote the portions that contain the argument used to defend the Smithsonian’s polite refusal to remove the bust as requested:  Read More

Hanger Wielding Warriors (of Social Justice, that is)

I recently read in a book by Douglas Wilson a quote that I thought reasonable, but for which I couldn’t think of a specific example in real life by which to remember it:

Feminists demand that women receive equal treatment with the men, and nobody is ever more surprised than feminists whenever it happens. Feminists don’t need to be told that they despise men. They generally know that, and even when they don’t, they’ve certainly heard it before. What they haven’t heard very much is how much they despise women.

This seems provocative, sure. It’s meant to be. But, this week, I’ve found that you do not have to look far for an example of this very thing: Read More