Amos Yee-ikes

I need to preface this post by saying that if you are a person particularly wounded by blasphemy, you might want to avoid everything that follows. Also, if you dislike long winded analyses, you also might want to skip this post. Rest assured that I will not be the one blaspheming (though I will be the long-winded one), but know that my guest and subject of this post’s attentions is a prime producer in the blasphemy market and takes particular pride in his product (as I in my alliterations).

Amos Yee is what many in the new atheist community are considering a martyr for atheism and free speech. That is the main reason I wanted to compose this post analyzing one of his videos: to give you a sense of the ideas of the kind of person many new atheists are willing to applaud as a martyr. He was imprisoned by the Singapore government and still remains in judgement for making videos purposefully and wildly disrespectful to Christians and Muslims.

Amos Yee

Look, I can appreciate Naruto as much as the next guy. But, the irony that his shirt says what it does here given his militant atheism does not escape me. Rather, it hath inspired within me quite a chuckle.

Now, I do not believe that such actions by the Singapore government were just. I do not believe that Amos should have been imprisoned for his taste for blasphemy. However, this is not necessarily to say that I support his personal philosophy of free speech, since he believes that the call for public violence is not punishable in the caller but only in the actors who follow the call. But, if he wants to make videos ripping, throwing, and performing lewd motions with the Bible or a cross while harping about God’s nonexistence and his cruelty simultaneously without regard for the laws of non-contradiction or a sense of irony, I’m fine with that. But, if it is his right to publicly distribute his blasphemies, he shouldn’t mind if I engage with them and analyze them for their merits. Read More


A Second Thought to Trump the First

I have had time to think about my last post and opportunities to discuss it with other people who have, with brotherly love, poked holes in it. There have also been new developments in Donald Trump’s platform that have caused me to feel the need for some qualifications. Vague enough? Well let me lean into it then. Read More

Like Comparing Apples and Sodomy…I mean, “Oranges!”

*This* is an article I read last night about NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo, and his banning of “conversion therapy” for homosexual persons, which was identified as a notably religious, notably Christian, practice. I get that if a therapy is ineffective or harmful either as a whole or simply in the way it is executed, it probably should be stopped. But, Governor Cuomo made a very stirring statement:

“We will not allow the misguided and the intolerant to punish LGBT young people for simply being who they are.”

Obviously, I was peeved enough about the insinuating nature of that statement to write my thoughts on it, my incredibly long-winded thoughts. Read More