Subject Shift, And Quite A One

I started this blog last summer as kind if a venting grounds during the release schedule of the atrocities brought to light by the Planned Parenthood sting-operation videos. Having started on that political and outrage-laden foot, the blog has been mostly political since then. And while much more could be said on those topics, and I have considered doing so several times, I have noticed that the Thought Disposal has been entirely homogeneous. I intended to have this be a blend of interests, truer to the blog name, bordering on spontaneous, randomized, and interrelated, wibbly-wobbly…shtuff. Also, at this point, as many of you no doubt are, I am tired of the of the election 2016 spectacle that Ben Shapiro aptly described with an expression of ingenious mollification as a “turd tornado.”  So in an Read More