Ajin: Immortality on the Third Rail

Join me for just a moment in imagining a society with the following conditions: 1) a government-aided, medical organization is keeping a dark secret from the public. 2) It is rumored that the organization is using human test subjects for inhumane experimentation, the harvesting of organs for scientific progress, and to boost the economy while lining their own pockets. 3) Occasionally, video footage of the horrific experimentation leaks, but the medical organization publicly denies the videos as fake and deceptively edited. 4) Though the organization strives to save face, Read More

Fate/Zer0: Not Enough & Something More


And so it is revealed at the end of the series that the Holy Grail War is little more than a farce. This war in which countless have been killed for centuries, is a bait and switch. The Holy Grail is not a wish granting device that can produce miracles but a created tool with a mind of its own that wishes to acquire an accompanying body for that mind. The whole series was predicated on false advertising. So what’s the point and why would you want to view this series? Read More

Fate/Zer0: Madness and Christ-like-ness

One thing Fate/Zero is very good at doing is creating character foils, and doing so in a way that deepens the viewer’s understanding of both characters rather than propping up a shallow, stock character to play the straight-man for the character the series wants to shine. In fact, the series has layers of foilage (not to be confused with “foliage,” no matter how badly auto-correct wants to correct me) and interconnectedness in which characters play off of each other. The last post was a good example of that interplay and this post will try to touch again upon one of the series’ pet topics, madness and the way it can be reached. Major SPOILER WARNING here at the beginning. There is no way for me to make my point without getting detailed, so you’ll have to deal with spoilers galore. Read More

Fate/Zer0: “The Forbidden Feast of Madness”

This post will be the first installment on the Fate series, specifically on the thirteenth and final episode of Fate/Zer0’s first season: “Forbidden Banquet” or “The Forbidden Feast of Madness.” We will be looking at the character relationships between Ryunosuke and his servant Caster and that between Waver and his servant Rider. Both relationships are developed subtly in way which may not at first be recognized as a juxtaposition of the two teams.

Ryunosuke and Caster are an apparently perfect match. They are both demented serial killers who share the same values, which are basically the reversal of all normal, moral values. They believe that the murder of innocents is an art-form and they take aesthetic pride in their work. In fact, they are still not engaging in the Holy Grail War, but Read More



Fate/Zero is the first installment to the Fate series. It was not the first part of the series to be animated, but it does precede all of the others chronologically with regard to the story being told (think of Fate / Zero as the Phantom Menace but better, obviously). The series itself began as a Not-So-Safe-For-Work visual novel which detours into erotica frequently while trying to tell a very long and convoluted story. I am told that the visual novel, besides these negatives, is a very good story but not one that I have personally read or plan to read. Instead, I will address the anime series that have been created from the original source material. Because the directing studio wanted to take the story seriously, the series had all of the erotica stuff cut out of it (save maybe some hints to it) and I think that its fair to say that the story did not suffer for the subtraction whatsoever. Read More

Parasyte – the maxim –

Somewhat Spoiler-free Introduction

Parasyte opens on a night in modern Japan. Orbs like phosphorescent pipe-cleaner balls are floating down from the sky onto the city. The orbs break open like seeds and release smaller bacteria-looking things. Given their limited lifespan once released from the orbs, the creatures immediately search their vicinity for a sentient host with the intention of taking over their brain so that they may manipulate and control the cell structure of the entire body. The result is pretty disturbing, Read More