Thought Disposal is my personal corner of the web-landfill (AKA: the webfill). “Disposal” is a fun word that can refer to the act of arranging things, assigning things to certain other things or places, the ability to control/wield a thing or right, or the riddance of something as waste, as alluded to in the cover image of this site. The “things” being disposed of on this site, in all of the provided definitional possibilities, will be my thoughts. And, like a sink disposal system, the contents that end up in here could be a variety of seemingly unrelated anythings. Possibilities include whole or half chewed thoughts, ranging from pop-cultural rants to analyses of things I have recently read or watched, which will be far afield in themselves. Pick around a while. There’s sure to be something you’ll recognize. Even if there isn’t, maybe you’ll find some enjoyment in the grinding process.

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