Fate/Zer0: “The Forbidden Feast of Madness”

This post will be the first installment on the Fate series, specifically on the thirteenth and final episode of Fate/Zer0’s first season: “Forbidden Banquet” or “The Forbidden Feast of Madness.” We will be looking at the character relationships between Ryunosuke and his servant Caster and that between Waver and his servant Rider. Both relationships are developed subtly in way which may not at first be recognized as a juxtaposition of the two teams.

Ryunosuke and Caster are an apparently perfect match. They are both demented serial killers who share the same values, which are basically the reversal of all normal, moral values. They believe that the murder of innocents is an art-form and they take aesthetic pride in their work. In fact, they are still not engaging in the Holy Grail War, but Read More