Just As Long As You’re Not Paying Attention

Dear fellow Americans, particularly you on the left, but certainly not excluding my righty-tighties — hello. Recently I was forced to think (terrible practice, I know) when I saw during the DNC convention broadcast the song “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten sung by a gaggle of celebrities and the song “Confident” by Demi Lovato in celebration of the nomination of the first woman to run as a candidate for the office of President (that is, of course, as long as you don’t count Victoria Woodhull in the election of 1872. Though, to be fair, it’s understandable that no one thought to remember her since…you know…she’s a woman! [See, it’s funny ’cause it’s sexist eh-he eh-he])

GIF cred to Reddit user Badmonkey001

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What Happens When Hacks are Hacked?

In quite a surprising turn of events, Wikileaks recently released emails from an unspecified source related to the DNC, some of which contained some very embarrassing statements by the DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, regarding the once unyielding, now establishment kowtowing, Bernie Sanders. Upon further investigation by a private security firm, CrowdStrike, it was found that Russian hackers were suspected of having infiltrated and having gained access to DNC emails among other information and by the time the DNC was warned of this threat in April, the Russians were believed to have had access for nearly a year.

Despite this, and to no real surprise, the convention has done their best to completely detach the issue from their candidate’s name, despite the fact that such sly tactics are exactly what the public has been decrying for the past twenty-four hours with regards to evidence in the emails that similar tactics were used to slant the nomination toward Hillary and from Bernie. Read More

Shameless Anecdote As Non-Argument

I listened to a podcast recently by Dead Reckoning Radio which discussed the recent police shootings which I am sure my readers (all two of you) will have at least caught wind of if you’re not already sloshing around in the coverage of weekly shootings like the rest of us. The discussion of the shooting begins somewhere around the 50th minute, but after about 9 minutes, Dr. Mattson makes a comment on the Philando Castile shooting during the cast that I wrestled with before finally disagreeing with:

I am a white male. What are the odds that I get shot six times in that scenario? The Black Lives Matter crowd, as extreme as they can be, painting a picture of “cops are all racist and out to kill black people,” but that’s the element of truth here (that Dr. Mattson wouldn’t be shot at a traffic stop because he’s white and not black) and that’s the cultural problem we have to face. There is zero chance that a cop shoots me six times when I inform him that I’m carrying concealed when he pulls me over in the car. Zero chance. This guy’s dead. It really did happen. What is going on here?

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